Streaming service Netflix appears to be working on making ad breaks a little less repetitive and perhaps a little more tolerable. This is reported by Gizmodo.

Netflix aims to innovate in “episodic” advertising campaigns. According to the Financial Times, which cites advertising leaders, in the basic package with ads (Basic with Ads), Netflix users will be shown a series of interrelated advertisements while watching a movie or series.

This will mean that targeted ads won’t repeat over and over again during an ad break. But users are likely to see ads for similar products over several breaks.

Viewers of Basic with Ads already see four to five minutes of advertising per hour of viewing. Ads are shown at the beginning and during the content, and the hour-long show can have one break at the beginning and three more during the episode.

We remind you that Netflix recently announced that Canadian users will not have access to the cheapest ad-free streaming subscription any more. With the cancellation of the Basic plan, users who were used to paying $9.99 CAD per month are now forced to either upgrade to the $5.99 ad-supported plan or pay $16.49 CAD per month for the Standard plan.