Google Chrome

Google Chrome now also has artificial intelligence features

The latest update to Google Chrome introduces three new experimental generative artificial intelligence features designed to improve and personalize the Internet experience for Mac and Windows users. These features, which are currently available in the United States, can be accessed by logging into Chrome, going to Settings, and selecting Experimental ... Read more

Google will start blocking third-party cookies in Chrome

Google is starting to test a major new program to block third-party cookies in Chrome, which websites use to track user activity. This was reported by The Verge. Starting January 4, the new Tracking Protection feature will be tested for a limited number of users. It will limit access to ... Read more

Chrome has started to get a new look in the style of Material You

The desktop version of the Chrome browser has started receiving interface updates based on a design language called Material You. Google announced such intentions back in September. [gallery ids=”162568,162570,162572,162574″] The update offers several visual changes, such as, as expected, more rounded corners and updated icons with a focus on readability. ... Read more

Microsoft really doesn’t want you to switch from Microsoft Edge to other browsers

It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying to promote their browser, Microsoft Edge, in every possible way and discourage you from downloading Chrome with various prompts. Now, as The Verge has noted, there will be even more of it. If you try to download Chrome from Microsoft Edge via Bing, ... Read more

Google adds new accessibility features to its products

Google continues to work to make its devices and products as accessible as possible for all users. In recent updates, the company has added accessibility features to maps and slightly improved link entry in Chrome. This year, the company introduced a feature in Chrome that detects misspelled URLs and displays ... Read more

Microsoft sends malware-like pop-ups to Chrome users

Microsoft is sending pop-ups to some users suggesting that they replace Google’s default search engine with Microsoft Bing in the Chrome browser, writes The Verge. According to the author of the publication, he became one of these users. His main computer is running Windows 11. A pop-up window appeared after ... Read more

Bing Chat is starting to compete with Google Bard in Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers

The leadership among chatbots remains with ChatGPT from OpenAI, which is also the “heart” of Bing Chat. The latter only works in the “native” Microsoft Edge browser, while Google Bard has no such limitation. But now Microsoft is expanding access to its chatbot, which is already starting to work in ... Read more

Desktop Google Chrome has learned to better manage RAM and energy consumption

Jokes about the fact that one of the most popular Internet browsers is fastidious in the use of RAM and mercilessly treats the energy saving of laptop batteries have probably been seen by everyone who uses the Internet. And many users could still notice from time to time that these ... Read more

Chrome will lose Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support next year

Sad news for those who do not want to switch to new operating systems – Google announced that it intends to release the latest version of the Google Chrome browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 early next year. To be more precise, it will most likely happen on February ... Read more