The latest update to Google Chrome introduces three new experimental generative artificial intelligence features designed to improve and personalize the Internet experience for Mac and Windows users. These features, which are currently available in the United States, can be accessed by logging into Chrome, going to Settings, and selecting Experimental AI. However, they are not currently available for corporate and educational accounts.

The first feature, Tab Organizer, uses AI to automatically suggest and create groups of tabs based on the sites the user has opened. This feature is especially useful for multitasking, such as planning a trip, researching a topic, or shopping online. Users can activate Tab Organizer by right-clicking on a tab or clicking the drop-down arrow next to the tab.

The second feature allows users to create custom themes for their browser by generating images from text prompts. This feature, previously introduced on Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices, allows users to create custom themes based on the image, mood, visual style, and color they choose. To use this feature, users can visit the Chrome Settings sidebar, click on “Change Theme” and then “Create with AI”.

Google Chrome now also has artificial intelligence features

The third feature, which is scheduled to launch in the next Chrome update, is an AI-powered writing assistant. This feature is designed to help users create content online, whether it’s leaving feedback, responding to invitations, or making formal requests. Users can activate it by right-clicking on a text field on any website and selecting the “Help me write” option.

Google plans to continue integrating AI and ML into Chrome throughout the year, including a new model of Gemini AI, which is currently running the updated Google Bard chatbot.