Firefox for Android will receive more than 400 extensions starting December 14

Starting from December 14, Firefox extensions that are marked as compatible with Android will be available to all Android users. Mozilla announced this in a blog post. In the official browser extension store, the company has also created a separate page for those that will be available on Android. “We’ve ... Read more

Firefox users complain that YouTube slows down video loading – Google talks about fighting ad blockers

Firefox users have begun to notice an artificial five-second loading delay when watching YouTube videos, which is not present when using Chrome. Google explained that the delay is part of a broader effort to target ad blockers, not specifically Firefox users, according to 404 Media. This issue has attracted ... Read more

Mozilla tells how it made a “failed” bet on Yahoo search engine in 2014

Mozilla’s decision to change the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo turned out to be a bad bet that worsened the user experience. This was told by the company’s CEO Mitchell Baker, writes Bloomberg. She made the statement in an interview in 2022, which was shown during ... Read more

23-year-old programmer fixes 22-year-old bug in Firefox

For 22 years, Firefox had a bug that displayed a link to a pinned tab even if the browser was minimized or blocked by other programs. And in September, this problem was finally solved, writes Ars Technica. If you had pinned tabs in your browser and you hovered over one ... Read more

Firefox on Android gets an open ecosystem of extensions

Mozilla has announced the upcoming launch of an open extension platform at for the Android version of Firefox. As you know, only a small number of select extensions are officially available for the mobile version of the browser. Mozilla is now building the infrastructure to support an open ecosystem ... Read more

Firefox 115 is out – the latest version of the browser with support for Windows 7 and 8

Mozilla released another, the 115th version of the Firefox browser — and the main news of the official announcement is not a list of innovations, but the announcement that this will be the last version of the browser that supports Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. This decision was made ... Read more

Mozilla acquired Fakespot — a service for checking reviews in online stores

Fake product reviews in online stores are a global problem. On foreign resources, you can fight it with the help of the Fakespot service — it detects cases of fraud by sellers on popular resources such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. And, according to its authors, this is not ... Read more

Microsoft has finally fixed a 5-year-old problem with Windows Defender and Firefox

The problem of high consumption of processor resources by the Windows Defender when the Firefox browser is running has been known for five years — and finally Microsoft decided to deal with it. The problem was related to the Antimalware Service Executable (MsMpEng.exe) process, which used significantly more CPU resources ... Read more

Google, Apple and Mozilla teamed up to create the Speedometer 3 browser test

Google, Apple, and Mozilla are working together to create a better way to test browser speed. Speedometer 3 will be a “cross-industry collaboration” between the developers of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Unlike some past benchmarks, Speedometer 3 is being started as a cross-industry collaborative effort. Building this will be hard ... Read more

Firefox 106: new View panel, quick launch of private mode, new color themes

The next, already 106th version of Firefox was released, in which several interesting innovations appeared. The browser received a new Firefox View panel. It displays the last 25 closed tabs on the desktop, and if you enable synchronization between different devices – 3 more tabs from the mobile version of ... Read more

Firefox 105 is out – developers promise increased speed and memory savings

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 105, which is not a major release, but has interesting features. The development team managed to make some necessary changes to the browser in a fairly short period of time, reports The Register. The new features are relatively minor and small, but they can improve ... Read more

Firefox Translations learned Ukrainian

Add-on Firefox Translations offers automatic translation of web pages, but, unlike Google Translate, does it locally, without using cloud services (which is better considering the privacy of users’ personal data). Mozilla began integrating its own translation service into Firefox back in the spring of 2021. At the beginning, the add-on ... Read more

Mozilla has released its own translator. It does not use the cloud and operates privately

Mozilla launched an extension to its Firefox browser, which will allow you to translate sites in the browser without using the cloud. In this way, the data translated by the user remains private. The extensions were created in collaboration with European universities under the EU-funded Bergamot Project. The aim was ... Read more