On X, the official Firefox account published a post asking what reasons stop users from using the browser. Although the majority of the comments were written by fans who have been using Mozilla’s browser for a long time, there were a few well-reasoned responses.

One of the users noted that the browser does not support tab grouping, a feature that has recently started to appear in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and others. The official account responded that this functionality is already in the works.

Another user noted that he partially uses Firefox, but due to the specifics of his work, he cannot fully switch to the browser due to the lack of support for multiple profiles.

Another reason was the lack of a native version with WebKit for iOS, as well as certain browser issues on the operating system, such as the disappearance of the dark mode.

Among other things, they also mention graphics performance and webgl. User Sebastien added that although Firefox has improved in this regard recently, there is still a noticeable difference with Chromium-based browsers.

Of course, other reasons include the fact that users already have other browsers fully configured with all their data, such as Chromium, where many have saved passwords, autocomplete data, etc.

In the thread, you can also find other problems that users on different platforms and in different use cases have experienced, such as the lack of Chromium add-ons or other add-ons.