Over 450 extensions have been added to the Firefox browser on Android, and you can start using them right now. Mozilla announced the news in a blog post.

“Extensions were first created as a way for people to customize their own internet experience, from artists designing themes to developers who wanted to make extensions to improve people’s web experience,” said Vicky Chin, Vice President of Engineering at Firefox. “We’re thrilled to bring this experience to Firefox for Android, where we’re the only major Android browser to support an open extension ecosystem. In the coming months, we plan to enable more extensions for people to choose from and customize their own mobile internet experience.”

At the end of November, the company announced that it wants more developers to join in optimizing extensions for smartphones.

As of now, more than 450 extensions are already available to browser users, which can be found on a separate page on a separate page.

Mozilla also said that they are grateful to the developers who joined this program and that the number of extensions will only grow in the future.