Fake product reviews in online stores are a global problem. On foreign resources, you can fight it with the help of the Fakespot service — it detects cases of fraud by sellers on popular resources such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. And, according to its authors, this is not done by an army of reviewers manually checking all the reviews, but with the help of artificial intelligence that detects patterns and similarities between reviews to flag those that are most likely to be misleading.

Fakespot is available as a separate “Analyzer” on its own site where users can check a specific address, and as a Firefox add-on – and now Mozilla announced that they purchased the service and plans to integrate it into the browser.

This is not the first service that was available as an add-on that was acquired and integrated into Firefox – here we can mention Pocket (formerly Read It Later), a service for saving articles “for the future”, which Mozilla acquired in 2017 and later built into my browser. We can only hope that the company will not abuse this way of expanding the functionality of Firefox and will not turn it into another Mozilla Suite.