For some people, 10 open tabs in a browser looks like a nightmare, but for one user X, who goes by the name Hazel, it’s definitely not. According to PCMag, Hazel has kept 7470 tabs open in Firefox for over two years.

Hazel’s nightmare was the day when she was unable to restore all of these tabs. Eventually, however, after some advice from other X users, all thousands of tabs were successfully opened, and the user wrote that she felt as if “a part of her had been restored.”

However, the most interesting thing about this situation is that, according to Hazel herself, the impact of so many open tabs on Firefox is negligible. For example, the session file with all 7470 tabs took up only 70 MB, and session recovery takes less than a minute.

In a commentary to the publication, a Mozilla representative said that a large number of tabs has virtually no impact on the browser.

“We’ve been working hard on the performance of Firefox over the last several years, and we’re glad to see the results of those efforts paying off,” said the representative.