Skull and Bones is the first AAAA project, but it hasn’t attracted much interest from players. In the 10 days since its release on February 13, only 850,000 people have played the game. And that includes those who joined the free eight-hour version, reports Insider Gaming referring to their sources.

It can be concluded that players spend an average of three to four hours a day on Skull and Bones. However, it is unclear whether this situation will change after the free trial expires. And it is unlikely that we will get an answer until the company’s next financial report, which is expected in May.

According to the sources, one of the main factors behind the low number of players is the decision to make the game fully paid and set a $70 price tag. This was criticized both publicly and internally.

“I think we all know this is a $30-$40 game at best, but it’s not in our control to determine those things”, said an anonymous Ubisoft employee.

Skull and Bones has been in development for 10 years and has changed as many development studios. About $200 million was spent on the game.

Perhaps the figure of 850,000 players in less than 2 weeks may not sound so bad. But the recent star of Palworld sold 2 million copies in the first 24 hours after its release.