The Palworld craze has swept the gaming community. The game Palworld, an open-world survival simulator with Pokémon-like creatures, is setting sales records. In just 24 hours, the game sold more than 2 million copies, according to the project’s official account on X/Twitter.

The game by a little-known Japanese studio Pocket Pair was released only in the Early Access (Steam, Xbox/PC Game Pass) and will remain in it for at least another year, but this did not prevent Palworld from becoming one of the top Steam games. At the time of writing, the number of players on Steam online is already over 580 thousand, across all platforms – more than 700 thousand . Currently, Palworld is the second largest game on Steam and the 12th largest game on the platform.

If you want to try Palworld yourself, it is easier to do so on the Microsoft platform, where it is included in the Xbox/PC Game Pass. The price of Pokémon with Guns on Steam is 540 UAH.