Steam Deck

Valve asks Steam Deck owners to stop “inhaling exhaust fumes”

A new trend has emerged among Steam Deck owners to inhale exhaust fumes because they have a surprisingly pleasant smell. However, Valve urges users to stop doing this. The user u/Metapod100 from Reddit asked the company’s support team whether it was safe to “inhale exhaust fumes” from the console fan, ... Read more

Valve announced Steam Deck OLED

Valve has officially announced an updated Steam Deck OLED with a better screen and a larger battery. The OLED version will have two variations: 512 GB and a limited version with 1 TB of storage. They will cost $549 and $649 respectively. The console will have a slightly larger 7.4-inch ... Read more

Steam Deck already supports over 12,000 games

The fact that Valve’s Steam Deck portable console already supports more than 12,000 games from the Steam library was pointed out by the GamingOnLinux website. According to SteamDB, Steam Deck currently supports 12,132 games. At the same time, 4,068 of them are officially verified by Valve, and another 8,064 are ... Read more

Valve advises not to wait for a new Steam Deck in the next few years

Valve makes it clear that it intends to create Steam Deck 2, but it is unlikely to happen in the next few years, writes The Verge. By creating a more powerful portable gaming system, the American developer wants to raise the bar. But it wants to make a leap in ... Read more

Valve begins selling officially refurbished Steam Deck consoles

Valve has announced the appearance of officially restored / Certified refurbished Steam Deck consoles. “All officially refurbished Steam Deck units are thoroughly tested to the same high standards as new units. Each unit undergoes a full factory reset, software update, and an extensive checklist of over 100 tests. This includes ... Read more

Steam Deck now supports copying games from PC over a local network

Valve has added a new feature to Steam Deck, which will be especially useful for those users who have slow internet. From now on, they can copy PC games over a local network to the portable console instead of downloading them again. The update is available in the new Steam ... Read more

Valve accidentally showed a Nintendo Switch emulator in the Steam Deck trailer

The Steam Deck portable gaming system, by all accounts, turned out to be quite successful, and it can be comfortably used to run Steam games “on the go” or to use with Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service. Or for emulators of other portable consoles — for example, Nintendo Switch. And ... Read more