Valve has announced the appearance of officially restored / Certified refurbished Steam Deck consoles.

“All officially refurbished Steam Deck units are thoroughly tested to the same high standards as new units. Each unit undergoes a full factory reset, software update, and an extensive checklist of over 100 tests. This includes checking all inputs, the audio system, the screen, and the internal components. We also evaluate the condition of the battery to ensure proper functionality and durability.

All refurbished Steam Decks meet or exceed the performance standards of new units. They cost less due to minor cosmetic defects that do not affect the reliability and quality of the gaming experience.”

Officially refurbished Steam Decks cost 20% less than new, but each one comes with the same warranty as a new Steam Deck. The units may have minor cosmetic defects such as minor surface damage or scratches (on the plastic housing, not on the screen). The number of officially refurbished units is limited and not available in many markets. On the other hand, it shouldn’t worry us, because despite rumors about the official availability of Steam Deck in Ukraine the console still cannot be ordered from Steam‘s site because “This product is not available for pre-order in your country.”

Valve begins selling officially refurbished Steam Deck consoles

The practice of officially refurbished devices is quite common among manufacturers. Apple is especially known for this, where you can buy certified refurbished devices that have no defects at all at a really good discount.

Recently it became known that Baldur’s Gate III works pretty well on Steam Deck.