The Steam Deck portable gaming system, by all accounts, turned out to be quite successful, and it can be comfortably used to run Steam games “on the go” or to use with Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service. Or for emulators of other portable consoles — for example, Nintendo Switch. And so it turns out that Valve is not only well aware of this, but even more so, it seems that it does not mind playing Nintendo exclusives on its own system.

At least this is indicated by an interesting fact: in the video trailer that announced the free availability of Steam Deck on sale, without the need to pre-order, attentive viewers noticed on the screen of the device… the icon of Yuzu which is a Nintendo Switch emulator. The icon in the video was visible literally for a moment, but it turned out to be enough – the user Nibel managed to “catch” the frame and posted it on his twitter.

Valve responded quickly and replaced the video with an updated version, without the emulator on the Steam Deck screen. But it was too late – the “Streisand effect” worked and now the whole Internet knows that Steam Deck can be used to emulate the Nintendo Switch.