A new trend has emerged among Steam Deck owners to inhale exhaust fumes because they have a surprisingly pleasant smell. However, Valve urges users to stop doing this.

The user u/Metapod100 from Reddit asked the company’s support team whether it was safe to “inhale exhaust fumes” from the console fan, and received the following answer:

“As with all electronics, it is generally not recommended you inhale the exhaust fumes on your device. While there are no safety concerns with general usage, directly inhaling the device’s vent fumes should be avoided. We understand that it may be a meme, but please refrain from this behavior for the safety of your health.”

Sharing this screenshot on the Steam Deck subreddit, the user wrote that despite the warnings, he would continue to do so. And in the comments, the company has already offered to release an air freshener with this smell or even a perfume.

Valve asks Steam Deck owners to stop "inhaling exhaust fumes"