Experience using the Logitech G502 X Plus mouse

For me, the conditions for using a home laptop or performing work processes at a computer in the office should always be comfortable thanks to a well-chosen keyboard and mouse. I carefully choose my peripherals for many years and consider this process worth the time spent. This review became possible ... Read more

Logitech and Playseat introduced a new gaming chair, it costs $299

Logitech’s gaming division and Playseat have introduced a new folding gaming chair for car simulation fans. It is called Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition and costs $299, writes The Verge. This cockpit seat looks almost exactly like the Playseat Challenge Black Actifit. But it costs about $70 less. ... Read more

Logitech G Pro X TKL Lightspeed – wireless mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting

Logitech has introduced the new Logitech G Pro X TKL Lightspeed mechanical gaming keyboard. It is available in three colors (black, white, and pink) and comes with three different types of switches: linear GX Red, tactile GX Browns, and clickable GX Blues. The Pro X TKL Lightspeed offers multiple connectivity ... Read more

Logitech Casa – a laptop stand with a wireless keyboard and trackpad

Logitech has introduced the Logitech Casa, a laptop stand that folds into a compact case and also houses a wireless keyboard and trackpad. This new offering is designed to meet the needs of the growing number of people who work from home by providing a compact and efficient solution for ... Read more

The missing tourist submarine Titan was controlled using an inexpensive Logitech G F710 game controller. But it is not clear why this should upset anyone

Some Western media, such as Mashable, drew attention to the fact that the missing tourist submersible Titan was controlled using an inexpensive Logitech G F710 game controller. To be honest, I don’t understand why this should upset anyone?! Game controllers for PlayStation and Xbox of different generations, as well as ... Read more

Logitech introduced G Pro X 2 headset with graphene drivers

Logitech presented the second generation of G Pro X gaming headpset. One of the main features of the new product is 50 mm graphene audio drivers. They provide high clarity of sound with an extremely low level of distortion. During the gameplay, gamers will be able to better hear all ... Read more

Logitech has announced a partnership with iFixit to allow users to fix the company’s devices themselves

Logitech and iFixit announced the launch of a collaboration to reduce e-waste and encourage customers to self-repair Logitech devices that fail after the warranty period has expired. The initiative provides spare parts, batteries and step-by-step repair instructions for selected Logitech products. Program components will be centralized in the iFixit Logitech ... Read more

Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard experience

Logitech MX Keys Mini is one of the few keyboard models that can easily switch between three PCs, supports both MacOS and Windows, is also equipped with a backlight and can work on battery charge for over a month. As part of this review, I will share my impressions of ... Read more

Logitech MX Master 3S review – perfect ergonomics

MX Master top line mice are among the most comfortable among all mice. A loud statement, right? But it is true. One of the indicators of convenience is that for several generations, the shape of the MX Master model has not changed at all. The sensor, software, keys improved, but ... Read more

Logitech presented an updated line of gaming mice G502 X

Logitech G502 X replaces the popular G502 series, the new line includes three models: wired G502 X, regular wireless G502 X LIGHTSPEED and “top” wireless G502 X PLUS. [gallery ids=”60336,60338,60340,60342″] All mice are equipped with the new Hero 25K sensor with a maximum resolution of 25,600 DPI and new LIGHTFORCE ... Read more

Images of the Logitech G Gaming Handheld console have appeared

A month ago, Logitech announced Logitech G Gaming Handheld – a portable game console for cloud gaming. At that time, there were almost no details, except for the very fact of its development together with Tencent Games. And now, thanks to the leak, we have the opportunity to see what ... Read more