In March of this year, Logitech introduced in Ukraine the Signature Slim Combo MK950, which includes the Signature Slim K950 wireless keyboard and the Signature Plus M750 wireless mouse. And now we have the opportunity to get acquainted with it live.


Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 specifications


Keyboard Signature Slim K950
Type membrane
Backlighting missing
Wrist support missing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 23.1 x 134.8 x 433.8 mm
Weight 685 g (with batteries)
Mouse Signature Plus M750
Number of buttons 6
Sensor Logitech Advanced Optical
Resolution 400-4000 DPI
Dimensions (HxWxD) 38.8x61x108.2 mm
Weight 101.3 g (with battery)
Connection radio, Bluetooth 5.1
Price in Ukraine 5 thousand UAH


Package contents

In addition to the keyboard and mouse, the Signature Slim Combo MK950 box contains a Logi Bolt USB wireless receiver and documentation. The devices are powered by rechargeable batteries (one AA in the mouse and two AAA in the keyboard) and operate wirelessly, so there is no need for a USB cable.


Design and construction: keyboard

The Signature Slim K950 is a full-size membrane keyboard in an ultra-thin body. Just like the mouse, the keyboard is available in two color variants – graphite and white, and we got the first variant for review.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

Externally, the keyboard is very similar to another similar Logitech model from a higher price category – MX Keys.

The Signature Slim K950 also has a very compact and slim body, which is not much larger than the keyboard unit. The keyboard is only 19 mm high and has a very slight slope. If desired, it can be slightly increased with the help of retractable legs, which raises the body to 23 mm.

Both the lower part of the case and the legs are equipped with rubberized inserts, so the keyboard does not slide on the table surface, regardless of whether the user prefers the extended legs or not.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

Most of the case is only 8 mm thick and made of practical matte plastic. On the upper side edge on the right you can find a switch that allows you to turn off the keyboard if it is not used for a long time.

Underneath the lid is a compartment for 2 AAA batteries and a niche for storing a USB receiver.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

The key layout generally follows the European ISO standard: two-line Enter, short left Shift, and long right Shift. The main differences are that above the text navigation buttons there are three buttons for switching between connected devices, and after F12 there is an additional key for increasing the volume.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

As you can see, the keyboard included with the Signature Slim Combo MK950 has full Ukrainian localization, and the Ukrainian characters are printed in a more legible font than the original ones.


Design and construction: mouse

The Logitech Signature Plus M750 is a small mouse, similar in size to laptop models. It’s less than 11 cm long, but because of the AA battery, it weighs as much as a full-size mouse – 101 g (without the battery, it weighs only 76 g).

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

The body is symmetrical, but the side buttons are only on the left, so the Signature Plus M750 is still primarily oriented toward right-handed users. Left-handed users can swap the main buttons in the utility and control the mouse with their left hand, but they are left without the side buttons under the thumb.

The case combines two materials: the usual matte black plastic on the top with buttons and a gray rubberized “sidewall” with embossed waves and a “dotted” texture for a better grip. The “rise” of the top part is medium, slightly offset from the center backwards.

There is a programmable button under the wheel, which the manufacturer assigned to switch the cursor movement speed – in the software settings, you can select two different values, between which the mouse will switch.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

On the bottom side of the sensor you can find the operation switch and a button for switching between devices to which the mouse is connected. Like the keyboard, the battery compartment also has a place to store a USB receiver.

As for the sensor, the manufacturer does not specify its model or detailed specifications. The official website only states that the sensor technology is Logitech Advanced Optical, and the resolution can be adjusted in the range of 400-4000 DPI. There is also no information about the type of switches used or their lifespan.



Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 is configured with Logi Options+ software. This is a universal utility that works with many Logitech devices (as you can see in the screenshots, another keyboard of this manufacturer is also connected to the computer at the same time).

The utility allows you to reassign function keys on the keyboard (not only globally, but also for each program separately), find out which devices it is connected to and how it is connected, disable some keys, update the firmware, and so on.

For the mouse, you can also reassign buttons, configure the combination of the wheel with other buttons (for example, scrolling the wheel with the top side button pressed will make a horizontal scroll), update the firmware, and swap the left and right buttons.


Connection and use

The set can connect to three devices simultaneously, and there are two connection options: via Bluetooth and using the branded Logi Bolt USB radio. It is worth noting that, despite its name, the Signature Slim Combo MK950 does not work with another receiver from this manufacturer, Logi Unifying.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

The set supports all modern operating systems – Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS (both via Bluetooth and radio), as well as Android, iPadOS, and iOS – via Bluetooth. For macOS, the keyboard even has corresponding system key labels.

The keys are not backlit – this should have a good effect on the keyboard’s lifespan, but it makes it uncomfortable to use in a dark room (at least for people who are not blind).

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

The keys are easy to press, with a noticeable “push”, and the keyboard is very well suited for high-speed blind typing. Compared to the MX Keys model, the impression is very similar, but the Signature Slim K950 has harder keys – the MX Keys looks much softer by comparison.

As the mouse is small, it is better suited to users with medium or small palms – in this case its shape can make it quite comfortable to use even with a palm grip. In general, for its size, the “fingers” grip seems more logical, especially for large hands.

The button travel is short until the switches are actuated, the click is very soft and light, and practically silent, so at first the user may not even feel their pressing very clearly. There is almost no backlash of the main buttons when you touch them lightly.

Logitech Signature Slim Combo MK950 review - wireless keyboard and mouse set

When connected via Bluetooth, the mouse’s input latency is very low and practically does not interfere with your work. Compared to Bluetooth, connecting via a USB receiver makes cursor movement smoother.

For those who use AI in their work, a very convenient feature will be the ability to assign any button (for example, to change the DPI under the wheel) to launch either the ChatGPT window or the Logi AI Prompt Builder, which will help you create a query.