Logitech has released a new compact wireless keyboard, the Pro X 60 Lightspeed, which is the direct successor to the G Pro X TKL Lightspeed and the company’s first keyboard in 60% format.

The keyboard costs $179 and has several variations – with optical tactile or linear GX keys and three color options – black, white, and pink.

The keyboard does not have a hot-swappable keycap. The available GX linear and tactile switches have a 1.8 mm trigger point and 4 mm travel distance with a trigger force of 50 g and 60 g, respectively.

The Pro X 60 Lightspeed can be connected via a wire or Bluetooth or Logitch’s Lightspeed transmitter, which provides a transmission frequency of 1000 Hz. Logitech claims that the keyboard will last 65 hours on battery power with the backlight on.

Logitech releases Pro X 60 Lightspeed, its first keyboard in 60% format

Other features include a volume rocker and multimedia controls. Also, since the keyboard was designed with compactness in mind, it comes with a carrying case.