Recently, there was news that a vertical green stripe across the screen has started to appear on Samsung smartphones. And readers of Mezha added a photo that a purple one could be a bonus.

I had a similar problem with my Samsung Galaxy S20+. It happened back in March, but I didn’t have time to look into the situation in detail.

What preceded it? Nothing. The smartphone never fell, sank, or flew. Always in a case and with a film on the screen. But one March morning, Galaxy S20+ greeted me with an extra green stripe. I can’t say for sure if there was an update before that. It seems like it just arrived, but I didn’t draw 100% parallels with it at the time.

In general, this stripe does not affect the functions of the smartphone. The phone itself is made in Vietnam and is not intended for the Ukrainian market. But we could not find any information on whether this could be a common feature for all those who have encountered this problem.

The Internet has long been discussing this situation, but the company has not recognized it as a manufacturing defect, as the extent of the problem is not fully understood.

The tips on rebooting, rebooting in safe mode, and resetting to factory settings did not help. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time trying to “repair” your smartphone using software methods.

Samsung support only advised me to contact the service center.

A study of the Samsung website showed the following estimated prices for screen repair:

Green bars appear on the screens of Samsung Galaxy smartphones: is it possible to fix it?

A call to the Samsung service center in Kyiv, Kiltseva Road 1, Respublika shopping center, whose contacts were provided by the support team, clarified the situation a bit. After describing the problem, they said that the display needed to be replaced. It takes a couple of business days and costs 9320 UAH (as of 25.04.2024) for the work and the original part. Non-original screens will be cheaper, but official service centers do not install them. And no one is responsible for their quality and service life.

So, once again, it’s worth noting that if you encounter a similar problem, you shouldn’t expect to solve it by simply manipulating the phone’s software, resetting it, or rebooting it.

Also, despite the fact that the root of the problem most likely lies in a certain defect in the cable or screen that manifests itself over time or under certain conditions, there is no reason to say that the problem is widespread and Samsung plans to recognize it or provide repairs. Unless the smartphone is still under warranty.

This means that everyone will decide for themselves whether to continue using the phone despite this not-so-pleasant artifact, replace the screen understanding all the aspects and the price of the issue, or replace the phone with a new one altogether.