Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones are reporting green bars that appear on the screen after an update, TechRadar reports.

It is not known if this is a widespread problem or just localized. Android Authority reports that the line appears on the screens of the Galaxy S21 FE and S21 Ultra. At the same time, SamMobile reports that the problem is happening on the Galaxy A73, M21, and the entire S22 series.

The smartphones still work as usual, and the vertical green stripe on the display from edge to edge does not affect the device in any way.

There is no information yet on what exactly is causing the error, but users point to a recent patch from Samsung for One UI.

Green lines are usually a “symptom” of a faulty connection between the display and the hardware. They can appear as a result of physical damage or overheating.

Otherwise, this explanation could be exhaustive, but this is not the first time green lines have appeared on Galaxy screens for no reason.

One theory is that the updates cause the smartphones to heat up to the point where it damages the connection between the display and the chipset.

If you encounter this issue, you can try to fix it yourself. The user ARJUNB on the Samsung Forum published instructions on how to get rid of the line, one of the solutions involves rebooting the phone in safe mode.