This year, Apple is increasingly focusing on the gaming capabilities of its devices. Such accents are even appearing for Macs that are still not associated with gaming. However, mobile games on iPhone and iPad are much more popular. And in its new promo, Apple emphasizes this once again with the iPhone 15 Pro (despite the problematic start).

In the short video, you can see a guy playing Genshin Impact on the new iPhone 15 Pro, first sitting on the couch at home, and then moving around in different locations in a funny way. This is a hint of “anywhere, anytime” gaming.

Typically for Apple, the ad does not contain any technical details or comparisons with competitors. Instead, there are separate labels for Serious Gaming Power and A17 Pro.

However, in the video description (if viewers pay attention to it at all), you can already see a little more than the video itself: 

The next level of mobile gaming is here. Up to 20% faster GPU for the best graphics performance on iPhone ever. Twice the speed of the Neural Engine. And industry-leading speed and efficiency. The A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro is a game changer. Literally.

It is quite possible that next week, at the presentation dedicated to the updated computers, the company will talk more about the promotion of games on Mac. If this happens, it will be interesting to see how the manufacturer is going to attract not only players but also game publishers.