Nevertheless, Apple will please fans of its computers this year. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the manufacturer plans to update some Macs later this month. And today the company’s website has posted an announcement of the event, which will be held online.

Users also started receiving invitations separately. The website, as is often the case, has almost no details, but the email invitations contain the name of the presentation – Scary Fast.

Scary Fast: Apple has announced its next Special Event

However, Apple’s website still leaves a fairly transparent hint about the theme of the next Special Event, which will be dedicated to Mac. Thus, the animated logo of the company is replaced by the silhouette of the icon of the standard application in macOS – Finder (analogous to File Explorer in Windows). This simple “code” leaves little room for guesswork.

Scary Fast: Apple has announced its next Special Event

Let me remind you that Mr. Gurman was just talking about potential updates to the 24-inch iMac, and possibly all current MacBook Pro models (including the 13-inch version).  

However, the time is not the most convenient for Ukrainian viewers. The broadcast will begin on the night of October 31, at two o’clock Kyiv time. For your convenience, you can add the event to your calendar at this link, which also contains a link to the event viewing page.

As always, you can watch the broadcast on the company’s YouTube channel or on Apple TV.