Engineering samples of various devices are so often “leaked” into the Internet long before even announcements that there has long been a theory that this is all part of marketing campaigns, and not a coincidence. However, in this way, fans can find out exactly what the next gadget model they are interested in will look like. This time it was the Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

The photo got on Reddit (at the time of publication, the post has already been deleted). It states that the device is one of the test variants of the development team. As it happened recently with Pixel 7a, here you can also see only the locked smartphone, but some details of the appearance and specifications are still there.

The codename of the smartphone is husky, and the Zuma sticker on the back indicates the new Tensor G3 chip. Also here you can see the capacity of RAM, which is 12 GB of LPDDR5 from Samsung, and a 128-gigabyte drive manufactured by SKHynix. And despite the fact that in the photo of the front part the device itself is in a case, you can understand that the screen of the next flagship from Google will become flat.

Attentive fans will also see an increased radius of the corners of the case, as well as some changes in the cameras. The cutout for the three sensors will now be one, and it is noticeably higher and wider than the previous ones. The microphone hole and other auxiliary sensors are located between the first and second cameras. And out of this entire area there is the flash and infrared temperature sensor.

Such images of engineering samples nevertheless confirm the direction of movement set by the previous “leaks” about the company’s next flagship. Over time, there should be a little more of them, because we are getting closer to the presentation of the new Pixels, which should most likely take place in the fall.