We recently shared with you information about updates to the camera in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones, now data has appeared regarding the displays of the devices.

Android Authority reports that both devices will have flat screens. This should please Google fans, because displays with rounded edges, like the Pixel 7 Pro or Pixel 6 Pro, are not so comfortable for many in everyday use.

Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with a 6.7″ OLED display manufactured by Samsung with a resolution of 2992×1344 pixels (pixel density 490 PPI) and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The indicators are slightly smaller than those of the Pixel 7 Pro (6.71″, 3120×1440, 512 PPI), but the Pixel screen The 8 Pro will have a significantly higher brightness of HDR content – up to 1600 nits, compared to the Pixel 7 Pro’s 1000 nits.

As for the Pixel 8, it should also get a new display. Its diagonal will decrease from 6.31″ (Pixel 7) to 6.17″. The resolution will remain 2400×1080 pixels, and the refresh rate will increase to 120 Hz. The maximum brightness of HDR content will also increase – up to 1400 nits (1000 nits in Pixel 7). There are rumors that the Pixel 7a will be the last representative of its line, which is why the Pixel 8 will be more compact.

Pixel 8 Pro will get a flat display

In addition, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro displays will have more rounded corners. The radius will increase from 47 pixels (Pixel 7) and 50 pixels (Pixel 7 Pro) to 102 pixels (Pixel 8) and 115 pixels (Pixel 8 Pro). The upgrade should also include adaptive refresh rate technology, which will allow smartphones to adapt more flexibly to different content.