Google’s new flagship can get quite unusual functionality for smartphones. A video with a demonstration of the Pixel device, which is capable of measuring the user’s body temperature, appeared on the network. The infrared sensor is inside the metal panel next to the camera unit.

Judging by the video, users will need to remove glasses or other accessories before taking the temperature. The process itself takes about 4 seconds: you need to bring the smartphone as close as possible to the skin in the forehead area, and start the measurement by pressing the button on the display, after which you need to move the smartphone to the temporal area. The smartphone will notify you of the end of the measurement by vibration.

It will be possible to measure the temperature of inanimate objects, but this scenario is not demonstrated in the video. It is reported that Google employees are currently testing this functionality. However, it is quite possible that this instance of Pixel is experimental and we will not see the thermometer in the production version of the smartphone.