Recently, Google has been trying to actively expand its ecosystem of devices. Various smart home gadgets continue to appear, the Pixel Watch smartwatch was finally officially presented, and the Pixel Tablet should join them next year. For the first time, the company showed it back in the spring, during the I/O 2022 conference, and during the Made By Google event, they told a little more about the features of this device.

The tablet will work under the control of the new Tensor G2 chipset installed in Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones. So you can count on fast work of functions related to machine learning, such as voice assistant commands, photo editing, etc.

Google Pixel – 2 in 1 smart display and tablet

The body of the Pixel Tablet is made of aluminum, which is coated with a nano-ceramic material that resembles the texture of porcelain. The tablet will be available in different colors, and the color of the frame around the display will also differ. The screen itself will have a “high resolution” and will support work with a stylus.

Google Pixel - 2 in 1 smart display and tablet

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Pixel Tablet is a special docking station that effectively turns the tablet into a smart display. The gadget is connected to the station using magnetic connectors, visually resembling the Nest Hub Max. The docking station not only charges the tablet, but also has built-in speakers.

Google has not yet named the cost of the Pixel Tablet, nor specified the date of its release, only stating that the tablet will appear on the market in 2023.