Usually, when someone’s personal belongings are stolen, people go to the police. But in some cases, the victims are braver than others and chase the bag snatchers. As it turned out, some of the Formula 1 drivers are among them. Moreover, they are obsessed with technology.

The previous Grand Prix was held in Spain, where four-time champion, now Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was robbed. The bag with his things disappeared near the hotel.

But the German was not confused. Among the stolen items there were earphones that support Apple Find My (probably AirPods or Beats). The racer assessed the situation, opened the application, and went in search of bag snatchers on his own. On a scooter.

Unfortunately, the criminals also knew something about modern technology and got rid of the earphones when they found them among Sebastian’s belongings. A little later, the racer found them, but there were no other things or thieves. At that time, local law enforcement agencies had already been informed.

“A bag belonging to Sebastian was stolen in Barcelona this morning. He tried to find it by using his iPhone to track his earphones which were in his bag; but when he located his earphones he found them abandoned and was therefore unable to locate his stolen bag”, the team’s press service said.