Baykar conducted the first flight tests of the Bayraktar TB3 UAV

Baykar has conducted the first flight tests of the Bayraktar TB3 UAV. The new drone has already made three runs on the runway with a lift off the ground. The Bayraktar TB3 is a larger version of the Bayraktar TB2, which can carry twice the payload and is to be ... Read more

SAKER SCOUT drone with artificial intelligence is authorized for use in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has authorized the use of the SAKER SCOUT drone with artificial intelligence in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is stated in a message from the department in Telegram. Thanks to its advanced optics, the system independently recognizes and records the coordinates of enemy ... Read more

Ukrainian drone SkyKnight 2 – features and characteristics of the AI drone

Fast, quiet, and equipped with artificial intelligence – all this is about the Ukrainian drone SkyKnight 2, which has been approved for operation by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The characteristics and features of the UAV are described in ArmyInform. Serhiy, the drone’s chief engineer, explained that SkyKnight 2 ... Read more

Operation Unity: United24, Come Back Alive and Monobank raise 235 million UAH for 10 thousand drones for the military

United24, Come Back Alive, and Monobank have launched a joint fundraiser for the purchase of 10,000 kamikaze drones for the Ukrainian Defense Forces as part of Operation Unity. This is stated in a message from the Ministry of Digital Transformation on Telegram. The “birds” have already proven their effectiveness at ... Read more

The SkyLab company demonstrated Shoolika mk6 drone resistant to the electronic warfare

The Ukrainian defense company SkyLab has developed and presented a new modification of the Shoolika mk6 drone. Its main feature is resistance to the electronic warfare of the enemy. Shoolika mk6 received the official protocol of electronic warfare resistance from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. According to the estimates, ... Read more

DJI Air 3 received two 4K cameras and a flight time of up to 46 minutes

DJI has expanded its line of drones by introducing the new Air 3 model. The main innovations are a dual camera, as well as increased flight time on a single charge. DJI Air 3 received two cameras that have the same sensor (48 MP, 1/1.3″ CMOS), but lenses with different ... Read more

In Ukraine, the construction of a factory for the production of Bayraktar drones began

In Ukraine, work has started on the construction of a factory that will produce Bayraktar drones of the Turkish company Baykar. This was stated by the Minister for Strategic Industries of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kamyshin, on the air of the national telethon, writes NV. “If we talk about the Bayraktar plant, ... Read more

SYPAQ PPDS – cardboard UAVs in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military converted an ultra-cheap cardboard (no, this is not a joke) SYPAQ PPDS UAV into a kamikaze drone, writes Militarnyi, referring to photos published in the russian media. SYPAQ Corvo PPDS (Precision Payload Delivery System) ultra-cheap disposable transport UAVs are produced by the Australian company Sypaq Corvo. They ... Read more

The Baykar company produced the 500th Bayraktar TB2 UAV

The Turkish company Baykar reported on the production of the anniversary 500th Bayraktar TB2 strike UAV, well known to Ukrainians. This was reported by the social accounts of the manufacturer. The first flight of the Bayraktar TB2 took place in August 2014, the first test with the use of weapons ... Read more

The third massive attack in 24 hours: 29 out of 31 UAVs were destroyed

Russian terrorists carried out the third mass attack in Ukraine, in particular Kyiv, in a day. According to Air Force Command, 29 out of 31 UAVs Shahed-136/131 were downed. “On the night of May 30, 2023, from 11:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., the Russian occupation forces once again attacked Ukraine ... Read more

52 out of 54 UAVs shot down! Air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the most massive drone attack

The command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports about repelling a record number of kamikaze drone attacks since the beginning of a full-scale war. On the night of May 28, 2023, “in honor of Kyiv Day,” the enemy launched 54 Iranian Shahed-136/131 attack drones from ... Read more

Serhiy Prytula showed the Ukrainian UAVs that hit the Ilsky Oil Refinery

Volunteer Serhiy Prytula published several photos and hinted that they show the launch of drones that on May 4-5, 2023 struck the Ilsky Oil Refinery in the Krasnodar region of Russia. “As you remember, last fall Serhiy Sternenko and I organized the “For revenge” fundraiser, the result of which was ... Read more

100% efficiency. 35 out of 35 Shahed-136/131 UAVs were destroyed in Kyiv region at night

During another terrorist attack on the night of May 8, 2023, the air defense of the Air Force Command “Center” of the Air Force of Ukraine destroyed all 35 out of 35 enemy Shahed-136/131 UAVs in the sky over Kyiv region. This is a 100% result in one of the ... Read more

MiniShark – a new reconnaissance UAV from Ukrspecsystems

Ukrspecsystems, creators of Ukrainian UAVs LELEKA-100, PD-2 and SHARK UAV presented at the Brave1 exhibition its new drone – MiniShark, writes Militarnyi. MiniShark is a reconnaissance drone that can detect ground targets in the interests of artillery, special units and other parts of the ground forces. The radius of combat ... Read more

Rheinmetall concern presented a combat UAV carrier

The German defense concern Rheinmetall presented the concept of a mid-range class UAV that acts as a light strike UAV carrier. It seems that this is a kind of rethinking of the experience of using drones in the current Russian-Ukrainian war. The carrier is a mid-range class reconnaissance UAV LUNA ... Read more

Bayraktar TB3 and Bayraktar KIZILELMA UAVs on board the TCG Anadolu UAV carrier

Nothing special, just some military porn from Turkey by Baykar. These are just the first new attack UAVs Baykar Bayraktar TB3 and Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma on board the first in the world TCG Anadolu UAV carrier, which was accepted into the fleet of Turkey on April 10, 2023.

The first three UAV strike companies were formed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The formation of new, unique units was announced through social networks by Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation. According to the minister, these are the world’s first UAV strike companies. “Today, the first three UAV strike companies are ready for battle. Together with partners, they were ... Read more

Baykar Bayraktar TB3: the first drone of the series is being prepared for testing

Baykar technical director and co-owner Selçuk Bayraktar published on Twitter photos of the new Baykar Bayraktar UAV TB3. The photos were taken a few days ago and show the first Baykar Bayraktar TB3 on the production line. Unlike its older sibling, the Bayraktar TB2, with which the TB3 shares a ... Read more

A Russian Su-27 “downed” an American surveillance and reconnaissance UAV

Two Russian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted a MQ-9 Reaper surveillance and reconnaissance UAV of the US Air Force over the Black Sea. During the implementation of dangerous maneuvers by Russian pilots around the UAV, a collision occurred, which led to the fall of the MQ-9 Reaper. The Russian Su-27 was ... Read more

A new package of military aid from the United States: ammunition and UAVs worth $2 billion

On the anniversary of the start of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the Pentagon announced a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of $2 billion from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) fund. For the most part, these are critically needed ammunition and UAVs for the Armed Forces of ... Read more

The IAI Eitan / Heron TP UAV – a possible executor of an attack on Iranian military facilities

No one has yet claimed responsibility for attack on some military facilities on the territory of Iran on January 29, 2022. The government of Iran has already managed to blame the attack on Israel and, quite surprisingly, Ukraine, which does not even have weapons of such a range at its ... Read more

Two MQ-9 Reaper UAVs just for a dollar but there are nuances

General Atomics continues to hint to its own government that they are ready to supply heavy reconnaissance MQ-9 Reaper UAVs in Ukraine. For the first time, the company spoke about it in November 2022, and now two MQ-9 Reaper are being offered for a dollar (one dollar!), according to The ... Read more

Ukraine ordered 105 Quantum-Systems surveillance Vector UAVs

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ordered 105 hybrid surveillance Vector UAVs from the German company Quantum-Systems. The agreement is financed by the German government. This is reported by Militarnyi with a reference to the manufacturer’s website. This is already the second order for UAVs of this type, the first ... Read more

Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma UAV made its first flight

As expected, shortly after it first took off the ground unmanned fighter Baykar Bayraktar Kızılelma made its first full flight. As before, this news was published by Baykar technical director Selçuk Bayraktar. “First flight day of Bayraktar #KIZILELMA… ✈️🍎🚀 With this flight, our country opened the door to a new ... Read more

Ukrspecsystems showed the updated reconnaissance SHARK UAV

Ukrspecsystems managed to update the reconnaissance SHARK UAV, presented only at the end of October 2022. According to information on the Facebook page of the company, the new version got wings with a larger span and a more powerful battery. The wingspan of the Ukrspecsystems SHARK UAV has increased from ... Read more