United24, Come Back Alive, and Monobank have launched a joint fundraiser for the purchase of 10,000 kamikaze drones for the Ukrainian Defense Forces as part of Operation Unity. This is stated in a message from the Ministry of Digital Transformation on Telegram.

The “birds” have already proven their effectiveness at the front. They destroy the enemy quickly, accurately and mercilessly. They save the lives of our military and take them away from the occupier,” the statement says.

The goal of the large-scale fundraising is UAH 235 million. UAH 178 million of this amount will be spent on FPV drones, and UAH 57 million on ammunition.

At the same time, Monobank co-owner Oleh Horokhovsky clarified that the drones will be purchased abroad and equipped with ammunition in Ukraine.

“It will be a plus for our troops and a big minus for the enemy,” he emphasized.

The co-owner of the financial institution also added that for their contribution to Ukraine’s victory, the participants of the meeting will be able to win lots from the project partners.

“To begin with, we will raffle off 100 platinum cards from mono, 5 of which will contain 100 thousand hryvnias. UNITED24 will raffle off 10 meetings with the platform’s ambassadors and 50 gifts from them. Come Back Alive will raffle off a flag from the recently liberated Pyatikhatki and other military artifacts,” wrote Oleh Horokhovsky.

According to him, contributions will be accepted from 24 UAH. You can join the collection here:

As you know, UAVs help Ukrainian defenders detect and effectively destroy the enemy. Therefore, the need for such equipment is great.

Meanwhile, China has imposed restrictions on the export of civilian long-range drones, citing Russia’s war in Ukraine and concerns that the drones could be converted for military use.