The Ukrainian defense company SkyLab has developed and presented a new modification of the Shoolika mk6 drone. Its main feature is resistance to the electronic warfare of the enemy. Shoolika mk6 received the official protocol of electronic warfare resistance from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to the estimates, the losses of drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to countermeasures by electronic warfare and the destruction of enemy air defense systems are up to 1,000 units per month. Drones are expendable in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, so supplying a large number of new drones and protecting them from electronic warfare is very important to the needs of the military.

The Shoolika mk6 copter was developed after careful analysis of foreign models of attack drones, as well as taking into account the needs and feedback of the Ukrainian military, which uses UAVs and other devices on the front lines.

“Radioelectronic warfare is one of the countermeasures against air, land, or sea drones, and other technologies in which information is transmitted via radio waves. That’s why our Shoolika mk6 was designed with battlefield crush factors in mind. The resistance of the copter is achieved thanks to interference-resistant communication modules, which are SkyLab’s own development. In order to provide units on the front line with such drones, we need synergy with the state, namely the State Defense Orders,” says Yevhenii Rvachov, the founder and the head of SkyLab.

The production of a batch of ten EW-resistant SkyLab copters takes about three weeks. This term includes assembly, firmware, calibration, testing and packaging of the product. On average, the production cost of one copter is about $25,000-30,000.

SkyLab’s immediate plans include scaling up the production of the Shoolika mk6 copter, establishing cooperation with The State Defence Orders and opening an office in Europe.

SkyLab is a Defense Tech company engaged in the development and production of drones and was founded by engineer Yevhenii Rvachov in 2022 in Kharkiv. As part of the INSCIENCE conference, the company also presented prototypes and models of other developments: the UGV Johnny mk1 small ground rover and the UGV Sirko-S ground logistics platform.