Ukrspecsystems, creators of Ukrainian UAVs LELEKA-100, PD-2 and SHARK UAV presented at the Brave1 exhibition its new drone – MiniShark, writes Militarnyi.

MiniShark is a reconnaissance drone that can detect ground targets in the interests of artillery, special units and other parts of the ground forces. The radius of combat use is 35 km. One of the advantages of the new UAV is hand launch and easy transportation. The whole system is packed in two backpacks.

MiniShark – a new reconnaissance UAV from Ukrspecsystems

MiniShark has a wingspan of 2.6 m and a length of 1.25 m with a maximum take-off weight of 5 kg. The duration of the flight is 2 hours. After completing the task, the UAV lands on the fuselage autonomously.

The declared maximum flight speed is 120 km/h. The operating altitude is 1000 meters. The drone can be equipped with an optical-electronic system with 10-fold optical magnification. The operating temperature range during operation of the new drone is between -15 °C and +45 °C.

MiniShark – a new reconnaissance UAV from Ukrspecsystems

The representative of Ukrspecsystems said that work on the new UAV began after receiving numerous requests from the Ukrainian military for such a device. The MiniShark is currently undergoing factory testing.

As a reminder, in October 2022, Ukrspecsystems presented a light reconnaissance UAV SHARK UAV, and in December 2022 showed an updated version of SHARK.

Ukrspecsystems MiniShark specifications
Length – 1.25 m
Wingspan – 2.6 m
Maximum take-off weight – 5 kg
Flight duration – 2 hours
Radius of combat use – 35 km
Working altitude – 1000 m
Maximum speed – 120 km/h
Payload – an optical-electronic observation complex with 10-fold optical magnification
Operating temperature range – from –15 °C to +45 °C