RCS in Google Messages is already used by 1 billion people, and the company is preparing a major update in honor of this

Google reported that more than 1 billion active users use RCS in Messages every month. This is a significant achievement considering that RCS support was limited just a few years ago. Currently, RCS works by default on Android smartphones, and next year Apple promises to add support for it on ... Read more

RCS in the iPhone: Apple will add the messaging standard that Google is promoting on Android

Apple has announced plans to support the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard, which will improve messaging between iPhone and Android, reports 9to5Mac. It is being actively promoted by Google and other Android smartphone manufacturers, for whom Apple’s closed iMessage messaging standard has become a big problem over the past ... Read more

Google compares iPhone to pager in new video “Meet iPager”

Google is trying to persuade Apple to implement the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging protocol. To this end, the company released a video comparing the iPhone to a pager, writes AppleInsider. The video is titled “Meet iPager” and is stylized as one of Apple’s signature product launch videos. The video ... Read more

Google begins pressuring Apple with “Get the Message” campaign to implement RCS on the iPhone

The RCS standard is designed to replace SMS/MMS and has a number of improvements that will improve messaging between Android and iOS users. Since Apple still hasn’t implemented RCS on the iPhone, Google is launching a campaign to pressure the manufacturer to do so. The campaign name “Get the message” ... Read more

Google trolls Apple with Drake’s song Texts go green

Google is continuing to promote the RCS standard for instant messaging and is doing it creatively. The company released a short video based on Drake’s song Texts go green, in which unobtrusively criticized Apple for still ignoring this standard. Google offered an unofficial explanation of the lyrics on its Twitter ... Read more