Google is trying to persuade Apple to implement the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging protocol. To this end, the company released a video comparing the iPhone to a pager, writes AppleInsider.

The video is titled “Meet iPager” and is stylized as one of Apple’s signature product launch videos. The video introduces the iPager, a fictional device that stifles innovation and uses outdated technology for cross-platform texting.

“iPager is a device that uses outdated messaging tech, like Apple uses when texting with Android. It comes with all the features you already know: lack of encryption, broken group chats, pixelated pics and videos and the (in)famous green bubble,” reads the video description.

They also emphasized that iPager does not exist. But the problems that Apple creates by using SMS are real, according to Google.

“Let’s make texting better for everyone and help Apple #GetTheMessage and upgrade to RCS,” the description says.

As you know, Google has previously launched the #GetTheMessage marketing campaign to encourage Apple to implement RCS. This is a communication protocol that Google itself developed and implemented to replace outdated technologies. But Apple refuses to do so.