Power economy

137 crypto farms consume 2.3% of the electricity produced in the US

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is requiring large crypto miners to report their energy consumption. This initiative is part of an effort to regulate cryptocurrency mining due to the exorbitant amount of energy consumed by the industry. writes Tom’s Hardware. So far, the EIA is only collecting data, but ... Read more

Overview of the autonomous power supply system at home KSTAR BluE H5-10

“There is no magic in energy”… That’s how an article on The Frontier that described methods of achieving energy independence began exactly one year ago. However, it is precisely magic that when the power goes out, the entire house or apartment continues to operate as if nothing had happened. Last ... Read more

Tesla acquires land to build another megafactory in China

While the US government is trying to limit technology investments in China, Elon Musk and Tesla continue to invest in China. Tesla recently acquired land to build another megafactory in Shanghai, reports Reuters. Tesla paid 222.42 million yuan ($31.13 million) for the rights to use the 19.7-hectare plot. The site ... Read more

83% of new energy capacity comes from renewables – IRENA and WMO report

In 2022, 83% of new energy capacities were renewable. This is stated in the report of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), writes AusSMC. The document was presented during the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai. According to the report, solar and wind ... Read more

Geothermal project to power Google’s data centers launched in the US

Nevada (USA) has launched a project that uses geothermal energy. It will power two Google data centers, reports The Verge. Google is implementing this idea together with Fervo Energy. In 2021, they signed “the world’s first corporate agreement to develop a next-generation geothermal energy project.” This summer, Fervo Energy announced ... Read more

Cisco helps protect Ukrainian power grids from Russian cyberattacks

American tech giant Cisco has supplied Ukraine’s Ukrenergo with modified switches to help it withstand Russian cyberattacks aimed at destroying energy infrastructure, writes The Register. The equipment must cope with Russian radio interference that affects GPS systems. They are aimed at disrupting missile guidance systems and interfering with visibility for ... Read more

The implementation of the first small modular reactor project in Ukraine is to be accelerated

The implementation of the first small modular reactor (SMR) project in Ukraine will be accelerated. This was reported by the Government Portal after a meeting between Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko and NuScale Power Chief Commercial Officer Clayton Scott in Washington, DC. “The parties agreed to engage representatives of Ukrainian and ... Read more

NuScale halts project to build small modular reactor power plant in the US

NuScale, whose small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) has been approved in the United States, has announced the suspension of the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP). This is stated in a post on its website. The project involved the construction of a power plant for Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS). ... Read more

Ukraine loads nuclear fuel from Westinghouse into VVER-440 reactor for the first time

The state enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company Energoatom has announced the loading of the first portion of nuclear fuel produced by Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB into Soviet-style VVER-440 reactors at the Rivne NPP. This will allow Ukraine to completely abandon Russian-made nuclear fuel in the future. Today, Energoatom is ... Read more

The United States has successfully repeated a breakthrough in fusion energy.

On July 30, 2023, scientists at the American research center successfully conducted the second fusion reaction experiment, resulting in a net increase in energy, writes Engadget referring to Reuters. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) announced that scientists at the National Laser Fusion Facility (NIF) in the United States have achieved ... Read more

Fervo Energy has achieved a breakthrough in geothermal technology, will power Google’s data centers

Fervo Energy announced a breakthrough in geothermal technology. This was reported by Engadget. The company conducted a 30-day well test at its Project Red facility in northern Nevada. Here, it was able to achieve a flow rate of 63 l/s at high temperature, which allows for the production of 3.5 ... Read more

Windcatcher: a unique wind turbine with a water wall made of blades is being developed in Norway

Wind energy is actively exploring new ways of development and offers more and more innovative solutions. Therefore, not only traditional huge turbines, but also more compact models with a different design may appear in the industry soon, reports CNBC. For example, Wind Catching Systems in Norway is focused on the ... Read more

Finland put into operation the third unit of the Olkiluoto NPP – the most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe

On April 15, 2023, Germany, thanks to useful idiots paid by the Russians, shut down the last three nuclear reactors in the country, which produced about 5% of Germany’s required electricity. Meanwhile, the more pragmatic Finns commissioned the largest nuclear reactor in Europe – the third unit of the Olkiluoto ... Read more

In 2022, solar and wind power plants generated 12% of the world’s electricity

According to a report by analytics company Ember in 2022, solar and wind power plants together provided 12% of the world’s electricity needs. This is a record. However, it is too early to rejoice, because the share of electricity obtained from the burning of traditional fuels, coal, gas, and oil, ... Read more

Wind energy is recovering from a 2022 slump

According to a report BloombergNEF, wind energy industry is recovering from recession in 2022. Global capacity growth includes offshore and onshore wind power installations, which saw a 15 percent drop last year. Among the new wind installations, the most drastic reduction in production was in offshore ones — by 46% ... Read more

How a small business can respond to a possible blackout

Unfortunately, in wartime there is still a high probability of being left without the most necessary things, including without electricity, heat, and communication. Ukraine’s energy infrastructure made it through this winter with titanic efforts, but it is not immune to new missile strikes, which may once again cause regular power ... Read more

In 2022, the production of wind and solar energy in the EU overtook the production of gas

Last year, solar and wind energy overtook natural gas in the EU for the first time. This data is obtained from UK-based Ember clean energy think tank, which predicts the gap will widen. Solar and wind power have risen to an all-time high of 22% of total EU electricity consumption ... Read more

Power plant ships of the Turkish company Karpowership can help Ukraine

State energy trader JSC “Energy Company of Ukraine” (JSC “ECU”) signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the field of electricity supply and the use of floating power plants to overcome the energy deficit in Ukraine with the Turkish company Karpowership. The companies plan to develop a project to ... Read more

The US has approved the first small modular nuclear reactor, ushering in a new era in nuclear power

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approves the design of the first small modular nuclear reactor for use in the US, reports Vice. It is only the seventh reactor design approved for use in the country, and the first of a new generation that promises to make nuclear power more widespread. ... Read more

Diia application will help you exchange incandescent lamps for LEDs

From January 16, the program for exchanging incandescent lamps for energy-saving LED lamps will be launched in test mode. The government adopted a resolution on an experimental project for efficient electricity consumption, according to which Ukrainians will have the opportunity to exchange 5 ordinary lamps for LED ones. The program ... Read more

There is no magic in energy. The path to energy independence without clickbait and pink glasses

It is hard to comment on the flow of articles on the topic of “preparation for a blackout”, which started in all kinds of media in mid-October due to the beginning of Russian shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. On the one hand, the demand for information about everything ... Read more

5 new LED lamps instead of incandescent bulbs – a replacement program is starting in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the program of replacing old light bulbs with new LED lamps, provided by the European Union, will start in the new year. Adult Ukrainians will be able to get 5 LED lamps free of charge instead of old incandescent lamps and in this way make their contribution to ... Read more

The US has announced a nuclear fusion breakthrough, which gives hope for clean energy

To create what can be called a miniature star, scientists needed 192 lasers that were installed in a high-security federal government building the size of a football stadium, reports The Washington Post. The lasers were fired into a small chamber containing a pellet of hydrogen about half the size of ... Read more

The USA will announce a breakthrough in nuclear fusion

The U.S. Department of Energy plans to announce Tuesday that scientists have succeeded for the first time in a fusion reaction that produces a net increase in energy, a major milestone in the multibillion-dollar, decades-long quest to develop a technology that provides unlimited, cheap, clean energy, reports The Washington Post. ... Read more

The country’s main Christmas tree will be artificial, decorated with energy-saving garlands and powered by a generator

This year, the country’s main Christmas tree will be artificial, 12 meters high, decorated with energy-saving garlands that will be lit by a generator. It will be installed, as usual, on Sofia Square. The city will not spend money, the New Year’s beauty will be installed and decorated at the ... Read more