State energy trader JSC “Energy Company of Ukraine” (JSC “ECU”) signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the field of electricity supply and the use of floating power plants to overcome the energy deficit in Ukraine with the Turkish company Karpowership.

The companies plan to develop a project to finance and launch 500 MW of electric power from energy ships. This capacity can be enough to provide electricity to 1 million Ukrainian families.

“Karpowership is delighted to work with ECU to ease Ukraine’s power crisis,” Zeynep Harezi, Karpowership’s chief commercial officer, was quoted as saying in the statement. “Powerships are a fast, reliable, and flexible solution to the nation’s electricity shortages, and we are ready to support Ukraine in getting the energy it needs as soon as possible.”

Power ships, also known as floating power plants, are used to restore power in remote areas or after a natural disaster. There are both non-self-propelled and self-propelled ships of this type.

Power plant ships of the Turkish company Karpowership can help Ukraine

“Ukraine’s energy system has suffered 12 massive Russian attacks, resulting in damage to its power generation infrastructure and electricity shortages. While the war continues, building new power units to recover lost or damaged generation capacity is not a feasible option and we need to look for innovative solutions to the current crisis,” noted General Director of JSC ECU Vitaliy Butenko.

The Turkish company Karpowership has at its disposal 36 power plant ships with a total capacity of 6,000 MW. The ships range in power from 30 to 470 MW and can be ready for operation in less than 60 days.

In the case of Ukraine, similar power plant ships can be docked even in the ports of Romania and connected to the Ukrainian power grid through the existing power grid, which will make it impossible for them to be damaged by Russian terrorists.