American tech giant Cisco has supplied Ukraine’s Ukrenergo with modified switches to help it withstand Russian cyberattacks aimed at destroying energy infrastructure, writes The Register.

The equipment must cope with Russian radio interference that affects GPS systems. They are aimed at disrupting missile guidance systems and interfering with visibility for Ukrainian power grid operators.

Operators rely on GPS systems to manage the flow of electricity in the country. Thus, such disruptions can lead to the fact that specialists cannot, for example, track the location of a broken line.

“Our team set out to devise a solution using our own technology,” said Cisco.

Cisco has sent Ukrenergo modified versions of its network switches after stress tests in a US laboratory. According to CNN, the cost of creating and delivering the equipment is estimated at about $1 million, but Cisco sent it for free.

The Pentagon organized flights to deliver the cargo to Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy handled the logistics, and the Ministry of Commerce organized meetings between American technical experts and Ukrenergo.