The implementation of the first small modular reactor (SMR) project in Ukraine will be accelerated. This was reported by the Government Portal after a meeting between Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko and NuScale Power Chief Commercial Officer Clayton Scott in Washington, DC.

“The parties agreed to engage representatives of Ukrainian and American industrial organizations to work to accelerate the implementation of the first SMR project in Ukraine,” the statement says.

Last year, Ukraine and the United States agreed to implement a pilot project called “Clean Fuels from Small Modular Reactors” to demonstrate the production of clean hydrogen and ammonia using SMRs and the latest electrolysis technologies in Ukraine.

Among other things, the project aims to launch the first of its kind commercial production of clean fuel from SMR using solid oxide electrolysis and support Ukraine’s energy security.

It should also contribute to the decarbonization of some energy sectors and improve long-term food security through the production of clean ammonia fertilizers.

By the way, in the United States, the construction project of a power plant with small modular reactors has been stopped. This decision was made due to a significant increase in costs.