This year, the country’s main Christmas tree will be artificial, 12 meters high, decorated with energy-saving garlands that will be lit by a generator. It will be installed, as usual, on Sofia Square. The city will not spend money, the New Year’s beauty will be installed and decorated at the expense of businesses and patrons. This is reported by Kyiv City State Administration, referring to the words of Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klichko on the air of the Kyiv TV channel.

“The aggressor’s goal is to keep us confused and depressed. Russia seeks to demoralize Ukrainians. They want to deprive our children of the joy of St. Nicholas, Christmas and New Year holidays. We had many discussions about whether we needed a Christmas tree this year. Of course, there will be no mass celebrations that took place before. The business approached us with an offer to install a Christmas tree at its own expense – not as big as usual. For example, last year’s Christmas tree was 31 meters high, this year it will be almost three times lower – 12 meters. It will be decorated with energy-saving garlands, which will be powered by a generator the patrons also offered to provide,” said the mayor of the capital.

Not far from the generator, they plan to install charging points for phones and other gadgets. After the holidays, the business promises to hand over the generator to the military.

The Christmas tree will be decorated with ornaments from previous years. 1000 toys, namely blue and yellow balls, as well as 500 white doves will be provided by Global Decor. The top of the Christmas tree will be decorated with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The lower part of the Christmas tree will be decorated with stands with the flags of countries that help Kyiv cope with the challenges and consequences of the war.

Vitalii Klichko emphasized that budget funds will not be spent on the installation and lighting of the Christmas tree either. Everything will be done exclusively at the expense of patrons. City utility services will be involved in installation work and cleaning of the area of ​​the square.

They are also considering the option of lighting the Christmas tree only on certain days or hours of the day. There will be no mass entertainment events, food courts, fairs, attractions on Sofia Square.