ApeFest attendees report eye burns after NFT event in Hong Kong

At least 15 attendees of this year’s ApeFest event, which Yuga Labs is dedicating to the famous NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, reported eye burns, writes Engadget. People link the problem to the stage lighting at the event, which was organized in Hong Kong this year. Some attendees claim ... Read more

95% of NFT crypto assets have no value – study

95% of digital collectibles (NFTs) owned by 23 million investors have no value. This is evidenced by a study by dappGambl, according to The Register. The experts came to this conclusion after analyzing 73,257 NFT collections based on CoinMarketCap and NFTScan data. According to their findings, 69,795 NFT collections have ... Read more

The NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, once worth $2.9M, can be bought for just $4

It looks like NFT craze that rocked the internet two years ago has fizzled out. Once a very valuable property, the NFT of the first ever tweet sent by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, which was once worth $2.9 million, is now valued at just $3.77. Twitter account Stocktwits ... Read more

Google Play is changing its policy to allow app developers to integrate NFTs into games

Google has updated its policy to allow app developers to integrate digital assets such as NFTs into their games via Google Play. This was stated by the product manager of the company Joseph Mills, writes TechCrunch. Apps must be “transparent with users about tokenized digital assets” and developers can’t “promote ... Read more

Louis Vuitton will sell hundreds of NFTs to selected customers, the price of each token is almost $42,000

French fashion house Louis Vuitton has announced the release of a limited edition NFT called Treasure Trunks. It will resemble the company’s iconic trunk and will consist of several hundred tokens worth about $41,712,000 each. This is reported by Decrypt with reference to Louis Vuitton. Tokens will come with matching, ... Read more

Nike will introduce the Our Force 1 digital shoes in May

In May, the Nike company is preparing to present a collection of virtual shoes Our Force 1 (or OF1). This is the first digital series from the famous manufacturer after the launch of the .Swoosh web3 platform last fall. Since then, users have created more than 330 thousand accounts here, ... Read more

Meta is ending support for NFT on Facebook and Instagram

Meta discontinues NFT support on Facebook and Instagram less than a year after it started rolling out the feature on its platform. The update comes as the social network has laid off thousands of workers and shut down numerous projects in what Mark Zuckerberg called the company’s “year of efficiency.” ... Read more

A collection of hideous Donald Trump NFT cards was made from cheap stock images. But all 45,000 cards were sold in 24 hours

As it turns out, the collection of ugly NFT cards that 45th US President Donald Trump unveiled last week is a lazy Photoshop of stock images created for small clothing brands. This is reported by Gizmodo. A collection of “exclusive” NFT cards with “incredible art” that “reflect the career” of ... Read more

“We need an eight-story metaverse with a car park and a museum,” interview with Party.Space CEO Yurii Filipchuk

The topic of the metaverse has actively flooded our information space over the past couple of years. This was greatly facilitated by Mark Zuckerberg, who even renamed the parent company Facebook to Meta. It was joined by other technology companies such as Microsoft, Epic Games, Huawei, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive ... Read more

US officials are concerned that NFTs can help terrorists spread messages and raise funds

IS-NEWS #01, a simple digital leaflet praising Islamist militants for attacking Taliban positions in Afghanistan last month, is the first known NFT produced and a widespread supporter of terrorists, according to former senior US intelligence officials, reports The Wall Street Journal. This is a sign that Islamic State and other ... Read more

NFT trading volume on the OpenSea platform has plunged 99% since May

The once red-hot NFT market, fueled by missed opportunity syndrome during the crypto boom in 2021, has turned into nothing more than a trickle: the trading volume on OpenSea, the most popular NFT trading platform, plummeting by 99% in less than four months. According to data compiled by DappRadar, OpenSea ... Read more

Bill Gates says NFT are “100% based on greater fool theory”

Billionaire Bill Gates said he thought the NFT was “100% based on a greater fool theory,” a financial concept that even overpriced assets can make money if their owner finds a greater fool to sell. Speaking at a climate change event hosted by TechCrunch, Gates said he preferred to invest ... Read more

SEXN startup will allow you to earn cryptocurrency during sex

The rapid development of Web3 has spawned many sophisticated token-based business models. They promise to earn money by playing games, walking, and now even sex. The crypto startup SEXN used the last option. It is going to convince people that the “love-and-earn” model is not only functionally possible but also ... Read more

NFT will appear on Instagram this week. They are also expected on Facebook

NFT will be available on Instagram soon. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised that this week the application will start testing the ability to show tokens in user profiles. “NFTs allow creators to take control over their work, fanbase and income”, says the company. According to Zuckerberg, non-replaceable tokens will ... Read more

The creators of the NFT collection Bored Apes Yacht Club raised $320 million by selling virtual land

Yuga Labs, creator of the popular NFT collection Bored Apes Yacht Club, organized the sale of virtual land associated with their long-awaited metaverse project Otherside, raising about $320 million in the largest offer of its kind, writes Bloomberg. Demand was so high that investor activity caused disruptions and increased commissions ... Read more

Entrepreneur tries to sell first tweet NFT for $48 mln, but gets offered just $280

Last week NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was put on sale for $48 million. However, the tp bid offered for it at the end of the auction was $280. The owner of the NFT is Sina Estavi, a crypto enterpreneur of Iranian origin. He acquired the first Twitter post, ... Read more

Zlodei Advertising sold NFT together with the members of the Coffin Dance meme, part of the money sent to Come Back Alive Fund

Ukrainian advertising agency Zlodei Advertising created and sold as a NFT the meme with dancing coffin bearers from Ghana. It became widely known as Coffin Dance in 2020, when the track Astronomia by Tony Igy was put over it. Different versions of the meme were actively distributed by users of ... Read more