In May, the Nike company is preparing to present a collection of virtual shoes Our Force 1 (or OF1). This is the first digital series from the famous manufacturer after the launch of the .Swoosh web3 platform last fall. Since then, users have created more than 330 thousand accounts here, according to Engadget.

A select group by invitation will have access to Nike’s creations on May 8, and general access will open on May 10. Customers will be able to purchase a choice of two boxes – Classic Remix or New Wave – priced at $19.82 each. To make a purchase, you must have a Swoosh account and enter your ID.

At first, customers will not know exactly what their shoes will look like. The company will reveal everything on an unknown date after May 10, when members of the platform will receive a special notification. Each Nike box will contain a 3D file that can be used, including exporting to other platforms.

The OF1 collection has more than 100,000 virtual creations of the manufacturer. The vast majority of them are based on the Air Force 1. Those who choose the Classic Remix box can get classic archival AF1s released between 1982 and 2006, or more unique, custom AF1s. New Wave owners will get a classic archive from 2007 or later, or a custom AF1 with a more futuristic twist. In addition, there are four designs from the winners of the “Your Force 1” contest, which will be presented in both types of boxes.

When the .Swoosh launched, Nike said the digital collections weren’t just for online use.

“In the near future,” the company said, it “will introduce other new utilities and benefits… such as exclusive physical products or experiences,” the company also said.

Last December Nike acquired RTFKT – a company that “produces” virtual sneakers. This startup specializes in the production and sale of NFT tokens — as it puts it, “Metaverse-ready sneakers and other collectibles.”