Ukrainian advertising agency Zlodei Advertising created and sold as a NFT the meme with dancing coffin bearers from Ghana. It became widely known as Coffin Dance in 2020, when the track Astronomia by Tony Igy was put over it.

Different versions of the meme were actively distributed by users of social networks during 2020, here are just a few:


The Coffin Dance token was released by Zlodei Advertising together with Benjamin Aidoo’s team in collaboration with Matthew “DigiNeko” Ordrick, who in late March 2020 uploaded the original video with the music track on YouTube, which marked the beginning of the meme’s popularity on the Internet.

Zlodei Advertising sold NFT together with the members of the Coffin Dance meme, part of the money sent to Come Back Alive Fund

Coffin Dance NFT was sold at auction in GIF format for 327 Ethereum, which at the time of sale amounted to more than $ 1 million. Of this amount, $ 500 thousand were received by the team of Aidoo and Odrick, $ 250 thousand by Zlodei Advertising who plan to spend money on the employee’s paychecks, and another $ 250,000 were donated to Come Back Alive Fund.