Combat drones

Operation Unity: United24, Come Back Alive and Monobank raise 235 million UAH for 10 thousand drones for the military

United24, Come Back Alive, and Monobank have launched a joint fundraiser for the purchase of 10,000 kamikaze drones for the Ukrainian Defense Forces as part of Operation Unity. This is stated in a message from the Ministry of Digital Transformation on Telegram. The “birds” have already proven their effectiveness at ... Read more

“Army needs wings”: how Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance fights and what it needs to do it more effectively

Constant fundraisers for drones, visible in the media space, are only the tip of the iceberg called “aerial reconnaissance”. Drones are used to learn and teach to fly, they track down the enemy, and save the lives of soldiers, they are designed and refined with their own hands, and, unfortunately, ... Read more

Ukrainian strike drones: who and how develops Punisher, R-18, Kazhan and other UAVs

The Ukrainian front does not live by Bayraktars alone. Our own development of attack and reconnaissance UAVs has advanced significantly in more than a year of full-scale war, and drones have already proven their effectiveness in combat so much that military units are lining up for drones, and developers are ... Read more

The KOLO fund together with the DOU IT community collect UAH 4.5 million for “punishment from heaven”

The KOLO prompt assistance fund together with the DOU IT community are raising UAH 4.5 million for 20 Wing Pro complexes and a reserve of 10-15 wings to replace lost ones from the Ukrainian manufacturer Punishment from Heaven. Currently, half of the required amount has been collected. So we invite ... Read more

WSJ: Israel launched a drone strike on a defense facility in Iran

Iranian officials said the country’s air defense repelled an attempted attack by three small quadcopters on a munitions factory in the city of Isfahan. It is located next to a facility owned by Iran’s Space Research Center, which has been sanctioned by the United States for its work on Iran’s ... Read more

Aerorozvidka: yes, we are preparing surprises for the enemy. When the time comes, you will see a “striking movie”!

Back in April 2022, we wrote about R18 octocopters from Aerorozvidka. At the initial stage of the Great War, these small bombers were among the first to drop minibombs made of RKG-3 cumulative anti-tank grenades on the heads of the Russian occupiers, providing an interesting and reassuring video to the ... Read more

CEO of Baykar: Bayraktar will never be sold to Russia

Baykar has never sold Bayraktar drones to Russia and has no intention of doing so. This was announced by the company’s CEO Haluk Bayraktar during an interview with CNN. The head of the company noted that Turkey and Ukraine have built mutually complementary relations that satisfy the interests of both. ... Read more

Ukrainian volunteers are raising $15 million for three Bayraktar drones. How to help

The Serhii Prytula Foundation has started raising $15 million for three Bayraktar strike drones, which will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Under the terms of the contract with the supplier, the funds will need to be sent in a week, so there is a whole week to ... Read more

An unusual kamikaze drone struck a refinery in Russia

This morning, Ukrainians were very pleased with a video in which an unknown UAV strikes at an oil refinery in Novoshakhtinsk, in the Rostov region of Russia. It is logical to assume that this is the work of the Armed Forces, but there are some questions. A Ukrainian PD-1 drone ... Read more

Lithuanians raised €5 million for Bayraktar for Ukraine in three days

On May 25 Lithuanian TV presenter and founder of Laisves TV Andrius Tapinas started a fundraiser for Bayraktar TB2, which he planned to donate to Ukraine. On May 29, the journalist reported that the required amount had been collected. He announced this on his Facebook page and thanked everyone who ... Read more

Taiwan has revealed details about the capabilities of its own missiles and drones

Taiwan is developing missiles that can attack enemy air bases and shoot down cruise missiles, as well as drones that can aim at locations where they fire. This became known from the report of the National Institute of Science and Technology, which reports to the military. Hsiung Sheng missile, according ... Read more