The KOLO prompt assistance fund together with the DOU IT community are raising UAH 4.5 million for 20 Wing Pro complexes and a reserve of 10-15 wings to replace lost ones from the Ukrainian manufacturer Punishment from Heaven. Currently, half of the required amount has been collected. So we invite you to join the fundraiser.

Wing Pro are surveillance drones that can fly at a distance of up to 30 km. They work perfectly in winter conditions with low cloud cover. Equipped with two cameras – course and GoPro10. The pilot, operating the drone in a safe place, has special glasses that allow them to see the picture as they were behind the wheel of the plane. In addition, there is an assistant pilot who monitors what is happening around and thus works as a guardian of the “bird”.

Working on the wings with the use of additional cameras and Internet connection via Starlink makes it possible to adjust fire in real time.

In addition, the manufacturer provides training for air reconnaissance pilots and opens another school in Zaporizhzhia. And that means there will be more pilots, more Wing Pro complexes, and, as a result, bigger numbers in the daily reports of the General Staff.

The mission in the Zaporizhzhia direction proved the ability of equipment and pilots trained by Punishment from Heaven to perform complex tasks in temporarily occupied territories under conditions of countermeasures by enemy EW.

The fundraiser is on the DOU community page, or on the KOLO Foundation page. By the way, it is accompanied by gifts giveaways, including a laptop, a smartphone, an interactive gadget for pets Petcube, a mentoring session from the founder of Petcube, hoodies with original prints, i.e.

You can join the fundraiser on the KOLO page