On May 25 Lithuanian TV presenter and founder of Laisves TV Andrius Tapinas started a fundraiser for Bayraktar TB2, which he planned to donate to Ukraine. On May 29, the journalist reported that the required amount had been collected. He announced this on his Facebook page and thanked everyone who joined the fundraiser.

“This time we really saw how many of us there are. This is not a bubble. That’s hundreds of thousands of people. The final result unites us, because you transferred a euro or ten thousand, you contributed to Bayraktar,” said Tapinas.

The purchase of the drone was organized in cooperation with the Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Turkey, as well as the manufacturer of Bayraktars. Laisves TV will hand over the funds to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, whose representatives will sign a letter of intent to buy the device in Turkey this week.

“This is the first time in history that ordinary people have raised money to buy something like Bayraktar. This is unprecedented, unbelievable,” said Pavlo Beshta, Ukraine’s ambassador to Lithuania.