The final of the Apex Legends Global Series regional tournament was held in South America, but some pro players were unable to finish the game as they were hacked right during the match, writes PC Gamer.

First, player Noyan Genburten Ozkos of the DarkZero team suddenly discovered that he could see other players through walls. A little later, another player, Philippe ImperialHal Dozen from TSM, seen that he had an imbot.

Both players were forced to leave the match because, albeit against their will, they actually had cheats enabled during a professional game.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department’s account on X reported that a remote code execution exploit has appeared in Apex Legends, allowing attackers to enable cheats for players and potentially install malware on players’ computers.

Players are now advised not to enter Apex Legends and any other game that has Easy Anti Cheat protection, as it is not yet fully understood how the attackers were able to access the game.

Respawn commented on the situation on the game’s eSports account and announced the postponement of the tournament finals. There have been no other comments from the developers so far.