In its report to shareholders, Netflix said that Rockstar’s GTA trilogy became the most successful game launch on the service and led to a significant increase in game downloads, MobileGamer reported.

Statistics from Appmagic show that the GTA games have been downloaded more than 18 million times on iOS and Android since their release on December 14. The most successful is San Andreass, which has been downloaded 11.6 million times, including 9.1 million on iOS and 2.6 on Android.

Vice City was downloaded 4.1 million times, 3.1 million on iOS and about 1 million on Android. GTA III was installed 2.4 million times, including 1.7 million on iOS and 700 thousand on Android.

Statistics also show that before the GTA trilogy, about 10 million games were installed from Netflix per month, and with the advent of Rockstar games, this figure has grown to almost 30 million.

The number of game downloads on Netflix increased thanks to the GTA trilogy

Other popular games include Storyteller, which has been installed 9.4 million times, Too Hot to Handle with 8.4 million, and SpongeBob: Get Cooking with 8.3 million installations.

In a letter to shareholders, the company notes that these are only “early days” for gaming offerings, but they were able to triple user engagement in a year. They also said that even though gaming is a small part of the business, they are satisfied with the results.