We have already told you about the first appearance of the new Mini Cooper electric car, then it made its official debut at the same time as the related crossover Mini Countryman. Recently, the latter received a “charged” version of JCW

It seemed that the Mini Cooper hatchback was about to get a “hot” version with the prefix of three iconic letters. And it has appeared – meet the Mini Cooper SE JCW Trim!

However, it is not only the JCW designation that is important, but also the word Trim, which can be translated as “line” or “package”. That is, the Mini Cooper SE JCW Trim electric car is not a full-fledged “hot” version, but only a hint of it with certain visual features inside and out. After all, the basis is the existing Mini Cooper SE technology, even if it is the maximum version: a 160 kW (218 hp) electric motor and a 54.2 kWh battery that provides a range of up to 402 km.

The Mini Cooper SE JCW Trim version features original 18-inch wheels, red JCW logos and similarly red mirrors, as well as front and rear spoilers. Inside the cabin, attention is drawn to the sports seats in red, gray and black trim and the thematic logo on the steering wheel. In addition, another feature of the Mini Cooper SE JCW Trim electric vehicle is the special GO-KART MODE control mode, which affects both the “sharpness” of the engine and the color of the interior.

So, it turned out really well inside and out. But where is the appropriate technical support? Where is more engine power? Where are the changed suspension settings? Where are the “buckets” in the cabin? We hope that we will see the real version of the Mini Cooper SE JCW – and now without all sorts of Trim nuances.