The new-generation MINI Countryman crossover has made its debut, and it’s not so much a “mini” after all: the overall length has increased by 13 cm and now reaches 4.43 meters. In addition, the crossover gained in body height (now 1.66 m), which, together with the 2.69-meter wheelbase, promises a significant increase in interior space.

Of course, all these dimensions are “wrapped” in a new design: the headlights have lost their bulge and now have angled bends, the rear roof pillar is decorated with a decorative element, and new thin plastic covers are installed on the wheel arches.

Even more changes have taken place inside the new model. And we are talking about both the interior and the technical component. For example, the new MINI Countryman crossover has two electric versions at once. The standard version of the MINI Countryman E offers front-wheel drive and a single 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor, and can cover up to 462 km on a full battery charge. The MINI Countryman SE ALL4 version has all-wheel drive with two electric motors with a total output of 230 kW (313 hp), but the range is slightly reduced to 433 km. In both cases, a 66.5 kWh battery is used.

Now a few words about the interior of the new MINI Countryman, which also features revolutionary changes. The front panel is made in a minimalist style, with almost no additional elements.

The centerpiece is a large round (240 mm in diameter) OLED display, with a block with toggle switches and switches below it. Only eco-friendly materials are now used for the seats, and the rear sofa allows you to adjust the angle of the backrest. In addition, note the increase in the trunk: we have 460 liters. Thus, the new MINI Countryman crossover is for an eco-stylish, young family.

Along with the debut of the MINI Countryman, a new hatchback MINI Cooper, which we have already described, was also fully presented.

However, it seems that the traditional compact hatchback will still receive only electric versions. Instead, the range of the MINI Countryman crossover will be expanded with gasoline and diesel engines. When will this happen? Already in 2024: sales are scheduled to start at the beginning of the year.