Is it possible to combine the practicality of a family crossover with the power of a sports car? The answer is provided by the new MINI Countryman JCW – a special version of the new MINI Countryman, which hides three hundred “horses” behind three letters.

The driving force behind the new MINI Countryman JCW is a 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that develops 296-312 hp, depending on the settings and market (the US is the most popular). This is enough to guarantee the car acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and 250 km/h top speed. The corresponding “hot” character is emphasized by red decorative details, large 19- or 20-inch wheels, themed logos…

In fact, the JCW designation hides much more than just an increase in power. The MINI Countryman JCW crossover has new suspension settings, more powerful brakes, and a sporty exhaust system. The JCW designation has always symbolized a comprehensive refinement of the car – as demanded by the racer and engineer John Cooper, after whom the name JCW was formed: John Cooper Works.

At the same time, the MINI Countryman JCW is not without comfort and luxury, which is especially noticeable in the cabin. Sports seats with high-quality trim; a dashboard with bright red accents; a traditionally round steering wheel with a BOOST button and protrusions for a comfortable grip. And to all this is added an increase in size, increased interior space, a voluminous trunk: everything that the new generation MINI Countryman crossover is ready to offer.

This is how the MINI Countryman JCW combines crossover practicality with sporty character. Is it the perfect option for you? There’s still time to think about it – until around spring 2024, when the car goes on sale.