Unity Software is backtracking on the main aspects of its announced pricing policy, which caused outrage among game developers, reports Bloomberg.

It is about the introduction of a special fee called Runtime Fee. The company announced that it would charge it from January 1, 2024, for each game installation. The amount of the fee was planned to be determined depending on the thresholds and plans offered by the company.

Developers opposed this initiative, as Unity’s fees could potentially exceed their earnings. With this in mind, they announced their intention to boycott the company’s decision until it changes its announced pricing policy.

So now Unity has a different preliminary plan. According to it, the company will limit the commission to 4% of the game’s revenue for customers who earn more than $1 million. It also noted that installations that are taken into account to reach the threshold will not be counted retroactively.

As you know, the situation caused so much outrage that the company announced the closure of two offices after receiving death threats.