YouTube Music is getting a major update with the introduction of a Samples tab to its interface. This feature aims to provide users with a new way to find music through videos from artists, writes 9to5Google.

Located between the existing Home and Navigation tabs, the Samples tab is similar to popular platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. However, the content displayed is not YouTube videos. Instead, they are music videos and other related content uploaded by artists.

YouTube Music has adapted them by cropping them vertically. Interestingly, these videos don’t always start at the beginning of the track, but often from a musically interesting place. While there is potential for integrating Shorts with YouTube in the future, the focus right now is on showcasing high-quality content, both in terms of audio and production.

The main goal of the Samples feed is the same as the main goal of YouTube Music: music discovery. It aims to introduce users to videos and performances they may have missed. This includes not only music videos, but also other formats such as official live recordings.

A key advantage of YouTube Music over its competitors is its extensive library, which includes both official and user-generated content. The platform already offers a “Related” tab when listening to music, where users can check out other performances, including live recordings and remixes. The Samples feature can be seen as an extension of these recommendations, capitalizing on the growing popularity of short videos.

At the same time, the Samples feed is tailored to individual music tastes, similar to the Home tab on YouTube Music. It not only focuses on trends, but also introduces users to new releases from up-and-coming artists or lesser-known tracks from well-known artists. Importantly, the Samples feed is ad-free for both free and premium users.

The new YouTube Music tab will be available to users on Android and iOS platforms.